About Us

A Chauffeur For Hire offers one-way and driver by the hour services...
So choose the service that's right for you, and schedule a ride today!

Founded by owner and licensed CDL driver, Michael Nicoll, Jr.

A Chauffeur For Hire is a network of licensed and insured chauffeurs who are discreet, courteous, and attentive to your needs. Each driver is hand picked by owner, Michael Nicoll. Michael looks for qualities in his drives that are much like his own. By doing this A Chauffeur For Hire is developing a network of professional drivers who are able to provide our clients with customer services qualities that are above and beyond.

We tailor to the needs of a multi-facet market and are always expanding our network and ability to attend to the needs of new and emerging markets. The services we offer were established in order to provide a luxury service as well as a service to the public by providing a safe alternative to impaired driving. Owner and Founder of A Chauffeur For Hire, Michael Nicoll, has been raised in the transportation industry and is a native to New Orleans. With his knowledge, experience, and skills, Michael is able to provide a service to the New Orleans Metropolitan and surrounding areas that caters to both locals and tourist, as well as individuals or corporations.

We offer Corporate and Group Packages which offer discounted rates. By enrolling in our package services we are providing you with a peace of mind that you are providing a socially responsible perk to your listed members.

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